The Bold Collection

Welcome to our Bold Collection, where elegance meets strength. Explore the timeless allure of black onyx and the sophistication of gold-plated jewelry adorned with black pearls. Our designs, characterized by circular forms, embody a harmonious blend of style and expression. Illuminate your style with the unique beauty of the Bold Collection.

You(R) Rock Collection

Introducing our "You Rock" Collection – designed to remind someone dear, or even yourself, of just how incredible they are. Each piece, shaped like a rugged stone, carries a unique essence. Let these jewels be a tangible reminder of the strength and beauty that makes you or your loved one truly exceptional

Inspired Collection

 "Inspire" Collection, a curated assortment born from the tapestry of diverse inspirations. Each piece is a manifestation of unique musings and influences – a canvas painted by the myriad of thoughts and individuals that sparked creativity. Embrace the unpredictability of this collection, where every jewel carries the imprint of inspiration's fascinating journey.

Less is more

"Less is More" Collection – where simplicity meets timeless elegance. Discover refined, minimalist jewelry that transcends trends. Each piece is a testament to the beauty found in understated sophistication. Elevate your style with the enduring charm of our thoughtfully crafted, timeless pieces.

Unique Collection

"Unique" Collection, where individuality takes center stage. Each piece in this collection is one-of-a-kind, meticulously crafted with an array of precious gemstones and pearls. From distinctive shapes to captivating colors, every creation is a testament to the artistry of uniqueness. Explore the extraordinary and adorn yourself with jewelry as exceptional as you are.


"Flow" Collection, a truly unique and sentimental range crafted from the liquid gold of motherhood – breast milk. Each jewel encapsulates the distinctive DNA of the bond between mother and child. Cherish those precious moments forever, as these pieces symbolize the intimate connection shared during the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Belgium Label

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